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Know who the "Real - Actual Webmaster's" are

and how to verify their work for free.

See for yourself - Links below have Stat pages to compare websites...You Decide how important your website is - Ask every webmaster for the sites they built and look them up on the web authority stat sites - like below. Verify who is "real" and who is not. It's not the content...It's the Webmaster...

  1. Built by Dawn Sears, Webmaster

  1. AnimalRescueLocal.webs.com
  2. http://animalrescuelocal.webs.com.webstatsdomain.org

  1. FemaleLed.org
  2. FemaleSupremacy.webs.com
  3. www.FDCPAExpertWitness.org

  1. LoveGaiaCity.webs.com
  2. http://lovegaiacity.webs.com.webstatsdomain.org

  1. LoveSovereigns.webs.com
  2. http://lovesovereigns.webs.com.webstatsdomain.org

  3. MatriarchLifestyle.webs.com

  1. NatureGoddess.webs.com

  1. RescueKittens.webs.com

  1. SabbathRescue.webs.com
  2. http://sabbathrescue.webs.com.webstatsdomain.org

  1. WorldConsortium.webs.com
  2. http://worldconsortium.webs.com.webstatsdomain.org

You tell us who builds better quality...

Random Comparison and 

Analysis - Companies 

we patronize daily....

TraderJoes stats

Webs.com illegal 

Ning.com illegal

ToysRus stats

It pays to have a really good webmaster if you plan to stay on the web.

Even big companies can't find good webmasters - as you can see for yourself. So much is not done correctly, or even at all on these comparable sites. Not about the content - it's about the "webmaster" and what they actually know about the web, how it works, how certain components work, what takes too long to come up, and so on. So much to know.

  • What Venture Capitalists think of Intellectual Property

Webs.com is dysfunctional: Please copy and paste above link to forbes article. 

Look into my eyes....

Website Valuation is important when assessing a companies total value for sale, financing, and more

Real Websites that perform a viable functions for all business as well as intellectual property assets which are always included in a companies "net worth".

You business and website are an asset to nurture into value

Take the next step to having your business on the web, optimized for best performance and gaining rank and value. An asset of Intellectual Property Valuation.

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